Paddy Schofield
Paddy Schofield BSc (Agric. Eng), MIAgrE

I am an agricultural engineer interested in the development of monitoring and management systems for use in livestock production.

I have specialised in the application of visual image analysis (VIA) systems for measuring the dimensions of pigs and relating these to their weight, growth rate and condition. I have taken this forward to include integration of VIA as a sensor for management systems designed to control pig nutrition and so optimise production efficiency and reduce pollution. My work has been funded largely by Defra, MLC and commercial partners and has included collaboration with the universities of Edinburgh and Bristol.

I left SRI in September 2005 and with a partner have set up a new research and development company, Silsoe Livestock Systems Ltd.

This will enable me to continue the development of non-invasive sensing systems as indicators of livestock growth, condition, health and profitability. I will maintain and extend my existing research and development contacts through joint projects with university, government and commercial partners.

The VIA system for monitoring pig weight and growth is commercially available from Osborne (Europe) Ltd.

Osborne has been our commercial partner for many years through research and development of the VIA system. We are now in the process of developing new and novel approaches to the application of this technology in livestock production.

Our mission:
To produce and market user friendly, reliable and upgradeable systems which offer the potential for both on-farm and remote data collection and processing to providing producers, their advisors and customers with concise, timely and relevant management and marketing information.

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