Toby Mottram
I research and develop non-invasive methods of monitoring the health and fertility of animals. I am an engineer with a background in the dairy industry. I helped design the robotic milking system that is now sold by DeLaval. I have also invented a system to monitor cow’s breath and to sample sow saliva. I founded eCow Ltd to commercialise inventions to monitor the pH of the cow’s rumen and to monitor the fertility of dairy cows. I also have expertise in other species.

Toby Mottram- Previous Work
Previous work: Automated system to monitor dairy cow fertility, early experiments to detect ketosis in dairy cows, and a set of boluses to monitor rumen pH telemetrically.

Selected Publications:
  • Xu. Y.F., Velasco-Garcia, M. and Mottram, T.T., 2004, Quantitative analysis of the response of an electrochemical biosensor for progesterone in milk, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, in press.
  • Badea, M., Micheli, L., Messia, M.C., Candigliota, T., Marconi, E., Mottram, T., Velasco-Garcia, M., Moscone, D. and Palleschi, G., 2004, Aflatoxin M1 determination in raw milk using a flow injection immunoassay system, Analytica Chimica Acta 520 141-148.
  • Caplen, G., Mottram, T.T., Pickard, A.R. & Milligan, S.R. (2004). A biosensor-based method for non-invasively monitoring wildlife reproduction - the field vole (Microtus agrestis) as a potential biomarker of environmental disruption. Analytical Letters, 37 (8): 1719-1735.
  • Velasco-Garcia, M. N., Mottram, T., Pemberton, R., Hart, J. Field experiments to test a prototype ovulation prediction system based on a disposable amperometric biosenor for progesterone in milk. Livestock Production Science (Submitted May 2003 withheld for commercial reasons at present).
  • Velasco Garcia, M. N., Mottram, T. T. (2003)Biosensor technology addressing agricultural problems. Biosystems Engineering 84 (1), 1-12.

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