Dave O'Neill is an ergonomist/engineer working to improve productivity and welfare in agricultural and food production (and other rural industries). He has comprehensive experience of farm power issues - the use of human, animal and engine power sources in subsistence, small-scale commercial and large scale commercial farming systems. The application of ergonomics in horticultural operations and food processing, particularly concerning safe working systems and hygienic practices are also areas of expertise.

This experience has been gained over 30 years at the Institute participating in (and often leading) projects for MAFF/DEFRA, ODA/DFID, HSE, ARC/AFRC/BBSRC, EC/EU, FSA, and HDC.

Key skills:-
  • Working successfully as a technologist in an interdisciplinary mode on multidisciplinary projects with other technologists, veterinarians, crop scientists, sociologists and economists;
  • Improving livelihoods through the systematic application of ergonomics principles to enhance welfare safety and performance (particularly in natural resource management and rural development);
  • Application of physical work and ergonomics principles to (working) animal welfare issues;
  • Recognising and differentiating between technical and organisational constraints on system performance;
  • Preparing publications independently or in collaboration on diverse topics and for many different audiences.

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