Claire Turner BSc.(Hons) Ph.D. Dip. Comp.

I am a biochemical engineer with major interests in the monitoring of micro and macroorganisms using novel techniques.

SIFT-MS experiments Currently, the major technique I am working on is SIFT-MS (selective ion flow tube mass spectrometry), a technique developed by Professor David Smith, F.R.S. of University of Keele Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine and Professor Patrik Spanel of the J. Heyrovskı Institute of Physical Chemistry, Prague. SIFT-MS can monitor trace gases in real time without sample pre-treatment and can cope with a wide dynamic range, e.g. % concentrations of water or a few ppb of a trace compound in the same sample. Analysis typically takes a few seconds, and it has been applied to a very wide range of samples from bacteria to diesel exhaust samples to breath to aviation fuel.

I have applied this technique to the analysis of microbial fermentation, environmental samples and human breath monitoring. I am particularly interested in its potential for the non-invasive diagnosis of human and animal disease, and have recently completed a study of the breath of healthy volunteers over 6 months, which will be published shortly.

Following the closure of SRI, I am pursuing my research interests in biomonitoring at the University of Cranfield Department of Analytical science and Informatics.
I am currently Professor of Analytical Science at the Open University.

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