David Parsons BSc PhD.

I am now working as a Principal Research Fellow in the Natural Resources Department at Cranfield University - see my page on the Cranfield University web site for further information.

  • Application of operational research and other mathematical methods to economic analysis and decision making in agricultural systems, from field scale to national policy issues;
  • Stochastic optimisation applied to any aspects of agricultural management; Bayesian networks for risk assessment and uncertainty modelling;
  • Mathematical methods: pure and applied mathematics; numerical analysis; functional analysis; optimisation; system modelling; discrete event simulation; quantitative risk assessment; Bayesian networks; dynamic programming.
Current and recent research projects:-
  • Underpinning decision support systems for agriculture;
  • ArableDS (Arable Decision Support), including Wheat Disease Manager and Weed Manager;
  • Quantitative risk assessment applied to pathogenic organisms in food;
  • Integrated management systems for poultry and pigs;
  • Logistics of robotic milking systems;
  • Impact of climate change on livestock agriculture.

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