Nigel McFarlane BSc MSc PhD.

I worked in the image analysis group at Silsoe Research Institute from 1986 to 2005, on a variety of projects:

Nigel Mcfarlane 3D imaging of animals 2001-2004
The aim of this project was to capture the 3D shape of live pigs, and to investigate the relationship between shape and carcass quality

X-ray scattering for food inspection 1997-2001
This project used Compton scattered X-rays for the detection of foreign bodies such as bone and glass in food.

Stereo Point Distribution Models (PDM) of fish 1997
This project developed a statistical model of fish shape for the location and sizing of salmon in underwater images, now commercialised. The Bayesian approach proved robust under a wide range of lighting conditions.

Grain dryer control 1986-1995
This programme of work developed novel feedforward control algorithms and sensors for high-temperature grain driers, including an optimal control algorithm reflecting the asymmetric real-world costs of drying.

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