Nick Tillett BSc, PhD, CEng, MIMechE, IAgrE.

Nick is a mechanical engineer by training who gained his PhD in robotics applied to horticulture. He has 4 years experience in manufacturing industry followed by 20 years experience of research in agricultural automation at Silsoe Research Institute. The later ranging from Robot milking to cauliflower harvesting. His most recent work has concentrated on vision guidance for applications such as inter-row cultivation and precision chemical application.

Autonomous Vehicle
Our vision guided autonomous vehicle spot spraying cauliflower plants as publicly demonstrated in 1996.

Following the closure of Silsoe Research Institute Nick has teamed up with Tony Hague to form Tillett and Hague Technology Ltd. This company was originally formed to provide engineering expertise on automation topics for the agricultural industry and government departments that would otherwise have been lost on the Institute's closure. It has since evolved into a manufacturer of state of the art vision guidance and control systems for the agricultural industry. Tillett and Hague Technology have sold or licenced in excess of one thousand vision guidance systems, mostly to manufacturers of mechanical weeding implements. They remain world leaders in the development of vision guidance and control technology for plant scale precision crop protection, mechanical, chemical or biological.

LaForge Hitch
Our latest model of inter-row vision guidance controlling a LaForge steerable hitch.

Electric Rotors
Our novel within-row weeding technique was developed in our first project as an independent company. These electrically driven rotors are fitted to a Garford 20 row weeder operating in transplanted celery.

Console and Camera composite photo
We designed and sell this console as part of our vision guidance package for implement manufacturers.
We also design and sell this camera as part of the same system. It is base on the latest colour CMOS technology with a GigE interface.

Videos of some of the technology in action can be found at:

Page updated August 2019

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